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Variety of questions

Are you bored with quizzes with boring ABCD questions? There are over 20 different ways to enter an answer to a question in MultiQuiz! Open, numerical questions, put them in order, yes/no, indicating the date, age or color is just a substitute for what awaits you in MultiQuiz! 👌

Różnorodność pytań w MultiQuizie

Thrilling competition

Join the game, answer 3 questions in the first stage, eliminate the remaining players in the second stage and fight for victory in the final. 🥊

Wyznaczanie przeciwnika do odpowiedzi w MultiQuizie

Grand Final

Every day at 20:00, the Grand Final is organized for the best players of the day. The best of the best fight for a special place in the ranking for one day. 🧠

Wielki Finał w MultiQuizie


Fight for the best places in the ranking. You can reach the top of the ranking by earning a lot of points in the game or contributing to the game's development by adding questions. How many points will you be able to score? 📊

Ranking najlepszych graczy w MultiQuizie